*Empres, Polish Arabian stallion at stud


Breeding in 2018:  Empres will be available by Live Cover and AI/Shipped Semen from approximately early May to mid-June to a very limited number of quality mares.  He will stand in Unity, Saskatchewan for a few weeks - dates to be determined.  There may be some discounted breedings for qualifying mares.
Stud fee: $1400 for purebred mares and $850 for Half Arabians/others.  

*Empres sired many foals in Poland before being exported to the Netherlands. 
He has sired a number of foals in Europe and several in the US & Canada and one in Australia.  

*Empres has been VetGen tested and is SCIDs Clear.  VGL tested LFS Clear. VGL OAAM N/N.  He is a CA carrier.
All purebred mares must be CA tested prior to breeding/or be the offspring of tested negative parents.  
Any mares who are carriers will not be bred.
Non Arabian mares do not need to be tested (unless Arabian blood is in the pedigree) but should their
offspring by *Empres be retained for breeding it would be advisable to test them prior to breeding them
to an Arabian.  If they are CA carriers, they should only be bred to a CA clear horse.

A carrier (such as *Empres) when bred to a non-carrier will never produce a foal with CA

Consider *Empres for breeding your next sport horse!

Please contact us for information.

We offer the use of our Equitainers for shipping semen, with no charge for their use providing they are returned
very promptly.  We generally use overnight FedEx or Purolator (within Canada.)

No additional paperwork is required for shipping to the US.

Vet fees for mare, cost of collection and shipping are the responsibility of the mare owner.
Breeding by AI - shipped semen, eliminates the risk of disease, injury and stress related to 'live cover.' 
Mare should be examined prior to breeding for breeding soundness and monitored throughout her cycle by a veterinarian experienced in equine reproduction.  This will ensure the best possible results.